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Jeans & Jewels Institute is a nonprofit organization providing leadership development programs for youth and young adults.  Our programs develop youth by exposing them to life skills, image building, career preparation, and healthy habits.  Jeans & Jewels Institute's goal is to educate, inspire, and empower youth to reach their greatest potential.   The development of life skills allows youth to cope with their environment by making responsible decisions, having a better understanding of their values, and being better able to communicate and get along with others.


Jeans and Jewels Institute origination is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are falling through the cracks at school or need a support system and resources to prepare them for adulthood.  




Since 2016, Jeans & Jewels Institute has created a learning environment and gave exposure that will be invaluable resources to young people, aspiring community leaders and the community at large.

Our Mission

To inspire, educate, and empower youth and young adults to reach their greatest potential.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide leadership development for youth and young adults by exposing them to life skills, image building, career preparation, and healthy habits.

Our Leadership Team


Thomasina Burns is a Houstonian, wife, mother of two and an entrepreneur. She began her career as a health educator, while it was a great start she dreamed of being an entrepreneur and creating her own destiny. In 2011 Styles for Life was birthed, it was a reflection of her finding who she truly was and what God put her on earth to do and that is to inspire and empower people into greatness. Jeans & Jewels founded in 2016, is an extension of her educating, inspiring youth and young adults.

The name and focus of The Jeans & Jewels Institute begins with "JEAN" which was my mother.  My mother was a woman who loved people especially youth and young adults.  She inspired so many young people.  She empowered them to believe that anything was possible even if their life circumstances didn't warrant it.  She was a mentor to so many just by how she loved and encouragement to those around her.   In 2013, I gave birth a little girl, "Jewel" who changed my whole perceptive on life.  My Jewel inspires me to be greater.  Its important to me for her to understand she can achieve anything in the world through hard work and perseverance.  Its important that I expose her, and my son, to everything this world has to offer, so they know the possibilities are limitless.  I believe that exposing them to things and teaching them life skills, they will grow to be more confident, inspired, empowered and develop a drive and hunger to reach their greatest potential.  

At different times in our lives we have had a Jean- someone that inspired us to be greater and a Jewel-someone we inspired to be greater.  This generation is full of Jewels that need a Jean in their life to educate them, inspire them, and empower them to reach their greatest potential.  It times for me to sow into others what so many have sown into me. 

~ Thomasina J. Burns

Board of Directors

JaJuan Evans


Sandra Stevenson


Johnelle Auzenne


Santina Anderson


Jeanie Robins


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