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The programs and services of the Jeans & Jewels Institute are designed to educate, inspire, and empower youth and young adults to reach their greatest potential . Some of our services include: healthy lifestyle, leadership development, life skills and mentoring. We seek to expose middle and high school students to entrepreneurship opportunities and career possibilities. We also seek to build young professional into community leaders to create an impact in community.



Mentoring programs that provide girls and boys with a safe space to share and blossom into their uniqueness.  Programming available for youth as early as 6 years old. 


Career Preparation

Workshop series lead by industry professional to expose youth to innovative careers.  Youth will learn business concepts that will help them turn their dreams into a reality sooner.


Life Skills 

A series of workshops to teach young people about healthy habits.  Developing these healthy habits now, will better prepare them for adulthood.


Community Impact

KNOW MORE is an awareness and education workshop series full of information and safety tips to protect our youth. Series cover Human trafficking, unhealthy relationships, suiciude and depression among teens.



The Young Gurus Academy is a groundbreaking and exciting year -long program that transforms middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs.

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