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The Village Update

We are excited to announce of The Village Update. There are so many happenings going on within our organization, in the community, and in the lives of the young people that participate in our programs. So, on a monthly bases we will have what we call "The Village Update".

Each publication will have SIX reoccurring features:

1 - Impact Corner: This feature will spotlight a youth in our program making an impact in their school, community, or beyond. This is our way of supporting and inspiring our youth to reach their greatest potential. If you are interested in having your youth spotlighted, please email us at

2 - Empowerment Corner: This feature will contain an encouraging and empowerment article to uplift and encourage the hearts and minds of our young people.

3 - Recipes /Health Tips: One of core initiatives is 'Healthy Habits'. We believe that mental and physical health and strength is necessary to reach your greatest potentials. In this feature, we will recommended some YUMMY! healthy recipes for the whole family to try along with healthy mind tip.

4 -Table Topics: Communication is the key for growth and sustainability for any relationships. In table topics, we will provide mealtime discuss topics and activities to have with your young people. Our goal is help creatively keep the lines of communication open between the parent and youth.

5 - Feature Share: Jeans & Jewels Institute has partnerships with many other community and government entities across the country. This relationships exposes us to a numerous amount of resources available to youth and youth adults. This features will be a formalized way we can share the information with all of you.

6 - Upcoming Events: This section will not only feature the upcoming events at the Jeans & Jewels Institute, but it will also feature upcoming community events that would be great for the youth to attend.

We are excited about how the 'The Village Update' will allow us to connect with on another in a whole new way. If you have any ideas or features you would to see in the village update, please email us, and share your thoughts and ideas.

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